Tycoon Limited is an Australian based start-up. Their product TycoonCoin is different from ordinary cryptocurrencies as it actively engages in the marketplace to raise its post-ICO token value and maximize investors’ profits.


To design a website that aims to generate ICO presale leads. Tokens are available at a reduced cost to attract large and recognized investors. A successful pre-sale shows early interest in the project and builds confidence and  trust in the new token performance.


Complex blockchain technology creates a lot of possibilities for technically savvy people but at the same time it prohibits mass users from widespread usage. Currently there is no central platform or organization to explain to  the mass user the core blockchain  concepts and processes. So the blockchain technology is existing but it is as if it is not existing for most people as they don’t know how to use it.

My task was to create a user experience that helps anybody with no prior experience or knowledge to use blockchain products and services. Users are not interested in the technology by itself; they are interested in their experience and achieving their goals, helped by technology. So to make the technical complexity of the blockchain disappear  I created a simplified and familiar user-interactions environment though consistent and familiar UI patterns I strived to design trustworthy experiences by creating a platform that looks familiar to the users and removing blockchain complexity on top of traditional products like – worldwide loans.


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